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Natura Medica


Offering nourishment for the eyes, brain and heart, TG Omega-3 is the best re-esterified triglyceride fish oil on the market today. Featuring high levels of EPA and DHA, it offers unparalleled benefits to the body.

VitreousHealth is the first evidence-based supplement scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of floaters. Based on the double-blind, placebo-controlled Floater Intervention Study (FLIES)1, this patented blend of antioxidants gives the eye what it needs to reduce the severity of vitreous floaters, a condition that will affect nearly everyone.


LifeMeter is a simple, accurate and non-invasive test that consistently and objectively measures carotenoid levels in patients in less than three minutes using a spectrophotometer. Knowing a LifeMeter level enables professionals to discuss a patient's dietary status and help them make positive nutritional changes.

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